LINC’s development is spearheaded by Lion Guardians and IEF R&D. It is a collaborative effort with lion researchers across East Africa and software developers on three continents,  also a special thank you to Aaron Williamson of Tor Ekeland P.C.  for advising the LINC project on open source licensing issues.



IEF R&D  (Innate Engineering Fabrication) is a Design, Engineering and Fabrication company focused on developing innate open solutions to social & technological challenges. IEF has developed projects on four continents and has partnered with universities, research institutions, NGO’s, non profits and artists to develop  locally sustained social/technological solutions that support and are supported by their users.


Lion Guardians


Lion Guardians is a conservation organization that promotes the coexistence of people and lions across Kenya and Tanzania. We have more than 80 East African team members protecting lions over 5,500 square kilometers (more than one million acres) of critical lion habitat. We believe the fate of the lion lies in the hands of the people who live with them. By empowering warriors who were once lion killers and working closely with communities, Lion Guardians proactively minimizes conflict and enables coexistence.

Connecting Lions — Connecting Researchers